Who is Loesja?

Loesja Klimczak is an experienced Psycho Energetic Thearpist who after finishing her 3 year-training at the School for Intuïtive Development (SIO) by Maria Majoor in the Netherlands for more than 10 years works full time as a healer – counsellor - aura reader in Belgium.

She is also Tera Mai Reiki Master and the first certified SKHM (All Love) teacher in Belgium. As Poland is her parents home country she recently started to expand her work (especially the All Love work) to Poland.

Her Past Life Regression Training at the Timotheus Project in Antwerp has added an important aspect to her therapeutic toolbox and since many she uses this unique healing method to facilitate regressions in one to one sessions.

Integrating her therapeutic experience she developped and teaches two short (8 sessions) and 1 longterm (24 months) intense trainingprograms for groups called : Deepsouldiving, Chakranetics and the Twelve Pairs of Characteristics. Using guided visualisation and relaxation methods, meditation and groupcounseling she guides her students step by step, with love but without compromising towards their True Self.

To share as much as possible of her knowledge and experience Loesja recently developped a Teacherstrainig for her program ‘Deepsouldiving’ (only available in Belgium) as well as a ‘Past Life Regression Therapy’ workshop for therapists (also available in English).

Her personal motto is : ‘This world needs people who are specialised in the impossible’.

So studying with her will take you far beyond the boundaries of what you expect to be possible in your personal, emotional, mental and spiritual consiousness. Her ‘no nonsense’ – approach turns always something inside you ‘upside down’, but at the same time it puts you more than ever with your both feet on the ground and finally it brings a new sense of depth and joy into the way you experience your every day life.

She has found inspiration in many esoteric teachers but the most important ones are Elisabeth Haich (writer of the book Initiation), Omraam Michael Aivanhov (founder of the Universal White Brotherhood) , Master Morya (Ascended Master within the Hierarchy) and last but not least the True teachings of Christ(consiousness). The ultimate teacher, she believes, is and will be Love.

Loesja speaks Dutch, English, German and Polish. Private sessions live in Belgium or worldwide on internet (Skype) available in all those languages.

All Love Workshops and Past Life Regression Therapist Trainings with Loesja are possible at any suitable location.

Please keep in mind that the info here below is only a brief summary of the courses offered. Feel free to ask if your need more information.