‘Past Life Regression Therapy’ - training for therapists

As a human being we make billions decisions during our life. All those decisions have impact on how we experience that life and what kind of future we will create as a result of those decisions.
The majority of our decisions is based on how we perceive our life at a given moment, in a given situation. These perceptions are coloured by our emotions at that moment.
Very often our emotions are highly influenced by physical, mental and emotional pain.
So the most important decisions about life we make are made in a state of ‘shock’.
Even if we recover from the shock or trauma (be it big or little) the decisions we made stay as a cellular memory in our body, and imprint themselves as a blueprint on our soul.
Even when we die our soul still carries that blueprint towards the next incarnation and as a result of this we often react according to decisions we made a long, long time ago.

Sometimes our everyday reactions are totally irrelevant to the events, sometimes we express our ‘traumatised decisions’ in more subtile ways, but somehow we all know how it feels to be victim of patterns inside of us that rule our life and of which we don’t know how to get grip of them.
As a therapist, counselor or healer we recognize situations in which ‘nothing seems to work’ anymore. It looks like there is no way out of certain patterns and that we have to witness replays of replays over and over again.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Using (past life) regression therapy we can TODAY find solutions for seemingly unsolvable personality structures and mental and emotional patterns from the past.
The method is simple and easy to learn and to apply. The basic theoretical background needed is little and can be learned within a short timeframe (during the workshop).
But the best way to learn the mechanics of (past life) regression therapy is by experiencing what it does for you and to add to this personal experience the experiences of others who walked that path too.

During the workshop several tools like guided meditation, light-energy work, and music will be used in a setting of group-counseling and according to the requirements of the group and individual students as we go.

The workshop and follow-up will be facilitated by Loesja Klimczak (see cv included) and assisted by Rina Bastiaansen.

Prerequisites: The workshop is open to anyone who wishes to use ‘Past Life Regression Therapy’ to help others, but some experience in facilitating healing or therapy sessions is a plus. Note that we strongly discourage the use of ‘PL-Regression Thearpy’ to satisfy curiosity only.

Rachel's experience of Loesje Klimczak's work

Basic Workshop template

Prior to the workshop: If not familiar with the subject ‘past lives’ : Recommended reading : ‘Many Lives, Many Masters ‘ by Brian L. Weiss M.D ISBN 0-671-65786-0
Friday evening: theoretical background and preparation for regression.

Saturday: Individual past life experiences in a group setting - Learning the steppingstones of facilitating a past life regression and one on one practice.

Sunday: Understanding the relationship between the aggressor/victim role models. How to allow the regression to influence the PRESENT to the maximum.

After the workshop:
1 case study to be sent to coaching teacher (and as ‘experience-example’ to be exchanged with co - students)

1 personal follow up – phone (or Skype) session after the case study.

Manual and certificate ‘Past Life Regression Facilitator’ (after the phone session) included.

All Love - SKHM workshops

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