Individual Past life - Regression Therapy

If I could start all over again knowing what I know now….
If I could go back and change something, undo something,… we all have these kind of ‘somethings’ in our lives. Helas, we can’t change the past, it is the way it was.

But we can learn to understand it more profoundly and this way we can loosen up the hold that it has on our present.
When, for example, we really realize that we are afraid of a dog because we have been bitten by one once, then we can, next to our fear, become aware that there was a time before that first bite. We become aware of the fact that we not always reacted with fear towards every dog, and that brings us closer to the vibration of trusting that not every dog bites, and that we can see the difference between a dangerous and a kind dog, because we had access to that information once.
But we can go a step further. In our consciousness we can go back to the past and heal any pain at the very moment that it was created. This way we can soften the effects of the trauma or even let it evaporate totally.
In stead of a scar in our emotional and mental (and often also physical) structure, we only keep a memory, and memories have no destructive impact on our future.
On top of that we really experience that we are not without power towards our past and that consciousness helps us to stand more strong in uneasy situations in the present.
We realize that every pain can be passing by en that we are not condemned to endlessly carry the emotional and psychological load of old events with us.

Regression combined with healing can be a step to liberation from the past, this lives past or even the past of previous incarnations.
In no way it is a spiritual ‘attraction’ , but a deep and life changing experience, and a choice to say goodbye to our pains. It has remarkable results on the physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual level.

In one to one setting regression to past lives is a great tool to help someone with many symptoms that can’t be addressed with any other form of therapy. Even though all therapy forms can be used to support the process before and after the regression.
Past life regression can be a therapy tool for anyone in any age, with any symptom (except for curiosity).

If you are you suffering from an emotional pain or any kind of physical or mental condition you are ‘fed up with’ and wondering weather regression can help, please feel free to contact Loesja Klimczak and we discuss your needs together and make an appointment for ‘your way out’.